NMALC 2010 Opening of the conference


Introduction by Musse Magnussen Svare, Head of the Library at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen

Welcome to the nmalc 2010 in Copenhagen. It’s very nice to see you all. I am very proud to welcome you in this historical room, which once was the meeting room for the very powerful council of the Danish Boardcast Compagny “The Danish Radio”. The council was called Radiorådet, therefore the name of this room: Rådssalen, which means the councils hall. The room is protected as cultural heritage and must not be changed. We now use it for all kinds of meetings.
Later you will of cause learn more about this fantastic building, which The Royal Danish Academy of Music moved into almost two years ago.

First I would like to introduce my self and the conference committee, who have put together the following 3 days programme.
My name is Musse Magnussen Svare and I am head of the library at this institution.
In the committee is also Helle Nina Pedersen, music librarian here at The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Ole Bisbjerg from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and Peter Nissen from The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark.

The conference committee and the staff from the library will help you if you need anything.
Some of the library staff in this house is in the library on shift to keep it open, and here in the room are Vibeke Halvorsen and Anne Katrine Sneslev, who will also give you a hand or show you the way if you need anything.
I hope every one has got a conference folder? It contains important things for the use during the day among other things ticket for the bus, so take good care of it.

Now to the programme:
The title of this conference is: Nordic Music Academy Libraries today.
Mission – Identity – Organisation

The idea with this topic is, that we should take this opportunity to drag our selves out of our daily routines, work loads or troubles and ask our selves and each other from the bottom:

Who are we?
What do we want?
What can we do together?

Personally I think, that we are, as music libraries, in a very fortunate position. We work for and with music and cultural life. We help and serve young people in or on their way to a carrier in the arts.
Can we do a real difference for them? Can we make useful innovations?
Every one can get a lot of information and resources on the internet today. As a librarian, though, I feel, that I have a special key to knowledge and resources. A key that I very much want to share with every one and especially the young artists, the students and the teachers.
But I also feel, that a lot of new possibilities and ways of finding, sharing and spreading information is showing up all the time and I have to run fast to follow, to grasp the possibilities and to understand the new habits of our customers – or users. I would like to hear your thoughts about this.

We in this conference committee hope, that the conference programme will give inspiration to discussions about our identity and mission as librarians in our special field and that we will end up with good ideas to how we can organize and continuesly inspire each other or even work together across institutions and boarders. We believe that we can do more together than alone.

Of cause we also hope, that we in the process will learn to know each other better and have a really good time.

The next speaker today is the beloved principal of The Royal Danish Academy of Music: Bertel Krarup.