NMALC 2010 Conclusion on the workshop about library users

Report from the workshop group about library users.

The workshop group was concentrating on the students.

The students as library users want the information needed fast and specific.

The students are used with various kind of electronically resources and most of them are familiar with the social services; such as facebook, twitter etc.. They often use the internet and google to have their demands met. Many students are also aware of the possibility to get their information on the mobil phone. All these things mean that the students expect a certain amount of speed. As artists they are also very aware of getting exactly what they want only and without any disturbing ‘noice’.

1) Some libraries have met these wishes by collecting all the information the library have e.g. about a specific instrument, books, sheet music, cd’s, and putting a link to these sources on the library’s website. The link could also contain further links to other libraries holdings concerning this specific instrument or theme.

2) Further on the workshop group agreed on the importance of regular contact with the teachers at the music academy. The teachers are seen as a connecting link between the library and the student. Since the most libraries at the music academies are relatively small it is quite easy to gain a regular contact with the frequently library users as well.

3) This teacher contact could generate mandatory library user-education as a part of the study plan.

4) The workshop group did also briefly discus standardisation of the cataloguing and on subject terms as a way of helping the student in their searching in the databases.

5) If the library runs a user survey the experience is that only a very little deal of the students take the time to answer these questions.