NMALC 2010 Conclusions

Nordic Music Academy Conference 2010
Resumé and conclusions

Wednesday, May 12th 2010
Location: Royal Danish Academy of Music (Det Kgl. Danske Musikkonservatorium) Rosenørns Allé 22, 1970 Frederiksberg C. Meeting point: Rådssalen

13:30 - 15:00 a. The organisation and the future of NMALC
b. Proposals and discussions
c. Planning of the next conference
d. Closing session

a. After discussions and proposals from the four workshops, there was a general agreement, that it makes sense to continue the NMALC every second year and that the participating ANMA libraries have common issues to work with and collaborate about.

Even though some of us have close connections to university libraries or have collaboration with public libraries and other art and music libraries, what keep us together and is the close connection to the music academy and the special issues which concern being librarians at an institution for education of musicians.

We agreed that we still find it relevant to have a Nordic forum. It was suggested that members from this NMALC should (still) in the future take part in IAML and AEC meeting as representatives for the Nordic libraries.

b. The participating libraries in future NMALC should still be those who are members of ANMA.
We will try to make a complete list of the employed in the libraries in all these institutions.
We will also try to collaborate with the principals of the ANMA-institutions and make common sessions with them if possible. The principals of ANMA meet at a conference once a year in January.

3 days is a fine length also for future conferences

The language during the conference program should be English, so we all can understand the input and discussions on the conference. Outside the official programme the Scandinavian languages can be used.

The website of NMALC should continue and be the official website, which can present the organisation to the public. Lisa Valdimarsdottir, Iceland will continue to try to make it work and create new contents.

For ”internal use”, share of knowledge, chat and bloggs we will create a wiki, which can only be attended by the members of NMALC. Ole Bisbjerg , Aarhus, Denmark will make this wiki and send out invitations to all members, who are asked to make a profile on the wiki and then are able to add contents and discuss in this forum.
An updated list of members should be made. Musse Magnussen Svare, Copenhagen, DK makes a new list and sends it to every one for corrections.

To start assembling knowledge, put it on the wiki and try to make common project on important areas the following persons will be chairmen for each mentioned subject:

1. User education and user interaction: Tone Elofsson, Oslo, Norway
2. Digitization: Ole Bisbjerg, Aahus, Denmark
3. Promotion and registration of FOKU, research, dissertations, student papers etc.: Musse Magnussen Svare, Copenhagen, Denmark

c. Next conference will be arranged by participants from Norway in 2012 - or by the country where the next ANMA conference takes place. Tone Elofsson will contact ANMA and decide.

d. The committee was thanked for a fine arrangement and the conclusion was that the NMALC had once again been very interesting and giving.