NMALC 2010 Worhshop notes group 3 What is the most important role

Workshop Group 3

What are the most important roles of the music academy libraries in (cultural) life?

To support education, research and artistic development at our own institution
Promotion of what goes on (concerning education, concerts, composition, research and artistic development) at our institutions.

Who are we?

Libraries close to the first customers: students and teacher at the music academies

Important partner:
University libraries
Public Libraries
Symphony orchestras

What do we want? What can we do together?

Share of knowledge between our selves, the library staff in the Nordic Music Academies.

Issues that we could work with - first in our own countries, next in Nordic or international context:

How to fight problems with copyright
Digitization of concert recordings, unpublished books and dissertations
User education
How to get the mother institution to be more concerned with library issues
Promotion for internal users
Promotion for the public: Out of the library promotion and efforts
Presentations of collections, bibliographies etc.
Exhibitions “on tour” between libraries (across country boarders?)
How to cope with public use and access
Better service to internal loaners
Better help for Phd. students
Ways to tell the users about library services
Special efforts towards music students from the University?
Better and perhaps cheaper access to electronic resources
Easier access to sheet music